Join us in welcoming Tatiana Poluch and Stephanie Clark to IPF

Date: 21 June, 2019

Tatiana Poluch

Hi Everyone!

I am Tatiana and I am conducting research for Ireland Park Foundation’s upcoming Architectural Heritage Exhibition, set to be on display in Toronto in the Spring of 2020. I’d like to take the time to introduce myself, my background and my role in this project.

Currently, I am doing my masters at the University of Toronto in Museum Studies, with a background in history and art history. Over the summer, I will be working towards laying the foundation for this exciting exhibition. Focusing on Toronto’s built environment, I am looking to trace the journey of several Irish migrants upon arrival to Canada in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to explore their contribution to the construction of Toronto. As a city shaped by the work of migrants, the architecture of the city reflects this rich mosaic attributed by these diverse cultures. Emphasising the Irish narrative, this exhibition will focus on communities built through migration and shed a new perspective on landmark structures still standing today. Building on themes such as commemoration, identity, and community connectivity, the exhibition will not only contextualize Irish architecture within the city, but draw parallels between Toronto, Belfast, and Dublin.

I am thrilled to delve into a research-intensive summer and explore the untold story of the success, achievements, and celebrations of the Irish in Canada.

Stephanie Clark

I just finished my first year at Trinity College at the University of Toronto. As a member of the leadership team for Water For The World, (an Engineers Without Borders Initiative), and in an advisory role on the Integrated Youth Recreation Steering Table, (led by Social Planning Toronto and the City of Toronto), I am able to explore my passion for improving equitable access to resources through an intersectional lens. I am a multi-generational Canadian with Irish roots and truly grateful for the opportunity to join Ireland Park Foundation as the Community and Communications Intern.