Irish President, Mary McAleese, to open Ireland Park in Toronto this summer

Date: 10 April, 2007 Source: Air Highways, Canada’s most comprehensive travel provider, has been chosen by the Ireland Park Foundation to provide travel services for those who wish to celebrate Irish heritage in Toronto this summer. Hundreds of people from all over the world will gather to commemorate the sacrifices made by thousands of Irish immigrants who came to Canada during the mid-19th century. 38,000 Irish arrived on the shores of Toronto in the summer of 1847 when the city had a population of a mere 20,000. Over one thousand people died in Toronto as a result of typhus. IrelandPark will not only commemorate them but will also celebrate the others who went on to help build Canada into the great country it is today. This beautiful park will open on the shores of LakeOntario at the foot of Bathurst Quay on June 21st. The President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, will make an official visit to Toronto to mark the occasion.

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