Canada 150 Exhibit, “The Irish Diaspora in Canada: A History”

Date: 1 November, 2017

On the last weekend of October 2017, Ireland Park Foundation hosted the exhibit, “The Irish Diaspora in Canada: A History.” Curated by the Embassy of Ireland in Ottawa, this exhibit displayed biographies of significant individuals in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Canada who had Irish heritage or were born in Ireland. The exhibit was originally on display at the International Pavilion in Ottawa and was loaned to Ireland Park Foundation as part of our Canada 150 events, where it was displayed at Victoria College in Toronto.

The display included biographies from some well-known figures of Canadian history, such as Nellie McClung, Timothy Eaton, Thomas D’Arcy McGee, and John Kinder Labatt, as well as biographies of lesser-known, but significant individuals with Irish-Canadian connections. These biographies highlighted the prominence of Irish-Canadians in modern Canadian history, of which many exhibit attendees were pleasantly surprised.

The exhibit earned an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers. We thank everyone who came to the exhibit for their visit and comments and hope to present similar displays in the future.


Comments from Attendees:

“Great walk, art, and poetry. Do more of these!” – Janice Wilder

“Learned a lot! Thank you for sharing.” – Stéphanie Pagano

“Keep up the excellent work!” – John Marlene

“Always something to learn.” – Patricia Annis (Haughey)