Chairman & Founder, Robert G. Kearns discusses Ireland Park with Andrea Regan

Ireland Park Reopens in Toronto after 3 Years

Date: 15 July, 2014 Source: CP24

Ireland Park opens in Toronto on Tuesday for the first time since construction began three years ago. Click here to view the video on CP24.

Sculpting Life, A documentary on the work or Rowan Gillespie

Date: Mar 6, 2013 Source: Moondance

A unique insight into the creative life and influences of internationally renowned Irish artist, Rowan Gillespie, as he single handedly creates a series of famine sculptures for Ireland Park Toronto, Canada. ”Sculpting Life’ a Moondance Productions Documentary, charts the birth of an important new sculpture commission brought to life by the hands of internationally renowned artist Rowan Gillespie. The documentary follows the artistic process of discovery, telling the story of inspired creation and hard won vision. The crew travel with the artist on a voyage to understand the forces that combine in the unique style of Rowan Gillespie and gives an incredible insight into the creative process and influences that inform this incredible artist’s iconic work.